Supplying all your wood based panel product needs


Boardcraft is one of Britain’s largest independent suppliers and distributors of wood-based panel products.

We have a large, comprehensive stock for fast response to customers’ orders. Our stock includes both constructional and decorative boards through a thickness range from 0.8mm to 60 mm.

Raw boards can be cut to any size, shape or design as per your requirements.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

Standard Grade, Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight, Moisture Resistant, Exterior, FR Class ‘C’ (One) and FR Class ‘B’ (O), ZF Zero Formaldehyde, Veneered and Melamine faced. flexible MDF and ‘V’ grooved and beaded.


Hardwood and Softwood, Pine, Spruce and Birch throughout, Moisture Resistant, Exterior Grade, Marine Grade, Hydulignum and Jabroc®.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

‘Sterling Board’ as it is sometimes referred to is manufactured to EN300 OSB2 (Non Structural) and OSB3.


Standard Grade, Perforated, Oil Tempered, Embossed, Painted and Melamine faced.


Standard Grade P1, Furniture Grade P2, Flooring Grade P5 (both domestic and industrial), Veneered and Melamine faced.


Standard Grade, Veneered and Laminate faced.


Sundeala ‘A’ and ‘K’ quality along with Colourboard.

Special Substrates

Panels such as Calcium Silicate boards, Masterboard, Promat SUPALUX® and MONOLUX®, Cement Bonded Particleboard, Solid Grade Laminate (Trespa®), High Pressure Laminate (Fomica®) etc.

We would be delighted to receive customer enquiries for all product quantities from complete trailer loads, pallet lots or assorted full size sheets. For details and prices call 01480 213266.