Taking the environment seriously…

Green Credentials

Environment Conservation

Timber is one of man’s oldest allies, providing warmth and shelter since the earliest days. As a naturally renewable resource it is the most environmentally friendly raw material available today. Boardcraft is committed to increase the range of environmentally certified products which it has to offer.

We are proud to be involved in the timber trade, but are far from complacent about the potential impact of our company’s operations. Only by striving to minimise any environmental effect will we ensure a future that benefits the public, customers, stakeholders and the company. Our Environmental Mission Statement clearly displays how seriously these issues are held.

Environmental Mission Statement

  1. Boardcraft recognises that it has a duty to base its operations upon well managed forests and to reduce the impact of its operations on the local environment of which it is a part.
  1. Boardcraft makes strenuous efforts to meet and where possible, exceed the principles of the Forest Forever Purchasing Policy.
  2. Boardcraft accepts that verification by accredited independent certification contractors is a preferred means of proving that wood products actually possess the environmental friendly attributes claimed.
  3. Boardcraft submits itself to independent scrutiny through its achievement of FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody to ensure that an increasing proportion of its wood based products can be independently verified as coming from well managed forests and sources.



PEFC Certificate

FSC Certificate

Boardcraft remains committed to meet and exceed government legalisation and people’s concern for our planet. Boardcraft is a member of The Timber Trade Federation, which supports ‘Forest Forever’ a campaign for wood and ‘Wood for Good’ and is certified with FSC and PEFC chain of custody by independent annual audits that enable the measurement and effectiveness of our management systems which are designed to track products through a business that desires certification.